Since 2009 we WONDERHEADS have been bringing our unique style of physical performance to communities around North America and beyond, both on stage and in the classroom. Using masks made by WONDERHEADS Co-Head and mask maker Kate Braidwood, we teach workshops, outreach programs and residencies to people of all ages and levels of experience, from single community workshops to in-depth intensives and university residencies.

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looks like

Tailored to suit the needs at hand, a WONDERHEADS residency can last anywhere from one day to two weeks. The overall goal of this in-depth Mask Performance Intensive is to engender in the student a greater sense of physical awareness, increased clarity and economy of physical expression, and an understanding of what it means to bring a fully realized character to life through articulate and dynamic physical investment.

The class begins by exploring fundamental mask technique, examining physical awareness, economy of movement and the power of gesture and articulation. The class then delves into the emotional life of a mask, learning what it means to use full physical investment to bring the masks to life. Then, bringing technique and physical investment together, the class moves into character development. Participants explore the wide spectrum of physical choices available to them to create a total character body and fully realized character, from head to toe.

Masks are incredibly liberating and effective training tools for all performers and theatre makers – whichever style and medium you may work in. Stretch your creativity, push the boundaries of your physicality and challenge your theatrical inventiveness as you explore what it means to bring the other to life.

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looks like

Using masks created by WONDERHEADS’ mask maker Kate Braidwood, the WONDERHEADS introduce the fundamental process by which they bring a mask to life. Through a series of games and guided exercises, participants will focus on developing a greater understanding of physical expression and articulation and leave with a set of tools to help them better express themselves both on stage and off. This is a fun and transformative workshop meant for a variety of ages and skill levels.

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looks like

In this ‘Behind the Mask’ Lecture-Demonstration the WONDERHEADS introduce mask performance to the audience and demonstrate the techniques of physical expression that give life to their full-face mask performances. A splash of insight into the history of mask mixed with entertaining demonstrations and audience interaction make for an engaging look at how physical expression plays a role in both theatrical storytelling and in our day-to-day lives.